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Honeywell Scanning & Mobility | PD43 Accessory Catalog 1 Honeywell Scanning & Mobility PD43 Accessory Catalog | PD43 Accessory Catalog 2 Printer/Media Accessories Platen Roller Part No: 910400024880 User-installable platten roller for dispensing printed labels. Linerless Platen Roller Part No: 203-185-500 User Installable non-stick platten roller for dispensing printed labels when using linerless media stock. Cleaning Card Part No: 1-110501-00 The cleaning card accesory removes adhesive or other contaminents from the printhead or platen roller. It is suggested that a new cleaning card be used with each new roll of media. Box of 25 cleaning cards, each 4.5x6 inches. (All HSM printing models.) Printheads Part No: 201-031-420 (203 dpi) 201-031-430 (300 dpi) User-installable 203 or 300 dpi printhead can be installed on any PD43 and PD43c models. RoHS compliant.
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility | PD43 Accessory Catalog 3 Printer/Media Accessories Ribbon Adapter Part No: 225-781-001 User-installable ribbon adapter enables use of one-inch diameter ribbon cores without notch. Label Taken Sensor Module Part No: 213-040-001 User-installable label-taken-sensor provides ability to continue serial printing only after label or ticket is removed from the front of the printer. (All RoHS compliant.) Flat Top Window Part No: 213-038-001 The flat-top window is a user-installable, see-through cover installed on the top of the media cover. It allows PD43 to fit into more space-constrained environments. Airline Boarding Pass Shelf Part No: 203-943-002 The user-installable, fanfolded boarding pass shelf provides for secure storing of boarding passes, and ensures a safe path toward the print mechanism before being printed. | PD43 Accessory Catalog 4 Printer/Media Accessories Airline Boarding Pass Tray Part No: 213-037-001 The user-installable airline boarding pass tray holds up to twenty boarding passes as they are cut. They tray is attached to the cutter unit. Cutter Tray Part No: 203-188-100 The user-installable cutter tray holds up to twenty labels as they are cut. It attaches to the cutter unit. Cutter Module Part No: 213-036-001 The user-installable cutter module with label taken sensor (LTS) is programmable for full or partial cuts. (All models RoHS compliant.) Label Dispenser Part No: 213-034-001 The user instalable Label Dispenser Module with Label Taken Sensor (LTS) stips off the paper backing or liner to present only the label.
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility | PD43 Accessory Catalog 5 Printer/Media Accessories Extended Media Holder Part No: 213-035-001 The extended media holder can be attached to the PD43c, providing a hanger for one media roll. The holder comes with attachment screws and an instalation guide. | PD43 Accessory Catalog 6 Connectivity Accessories Ethernet Extension Cable Part No: 213-039-001 User-installable Ethernet extension cable allows for Ethernet connection to be accesable from the back of the printer. (All models RoHS compliant.) USB to Serial Adapter Part No: 213-033-001 The USB to RS-232 adapter connects the printer’s USB Host (Type A) port and provides a serial RS-232 (Female DB9) connectivity. Cable length is 1.8 m (5.9 ft). Serial flow control: Xon/Xoff, RTS/CTS. (All model RoHS compliant.) USB to Parallel Adapter Part No: 203-182-110 The USB to Parallel adapter connects to the printer USB host (type A) port and provides Parallel (DB25) connectivity. Cable length is 1.8m. Operations modes: Compatibility, Nibble, Byte (All models RoHS compliant.) USB-A to USB-B Cable Part No: 321-576-004 The USB-A to USB-B cable connects the printer’s device port (Type B) to a PC Host (Type A) to enable USB connectivity. Cable length is 2 m (6 ft). (All models RoHS compliant.) Note: This cable ships standard with each printer.
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility | PD43 Accessory Catalog 7 Power Accessories AC Power Cords (RoHS Compliant) Part No 1-974028-025 1-974027-025 1-974029-020 321-471-002 586276 321-501-002 321-502-002 071918 1-974030-025 Description Americas Europe UK Italy Liechtenstein & Switzerland Denmark India & South Africa China Australia Power Adapter Part No: 203-186-200 Universal power adapter for PD43c (RoHS compliant).
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