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FlexRange FR Technical Specifications For moreinformation Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions 9680 Old BailesRoad Fort Mill, SC 29707 800- 582-4263 Preliminary information; subject to change Honeywell Confidential ©2020 by Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved. Honeywell Internal SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE Scanner Sensor resolution 1920x 800 Aimer: 650nm Laser Dot FOV: Near: 48 x 21 degrees Far: 20 x 12 degrees ENVIRONMENTAL Temperature ranges Operating: - 25 0 C to 50 0 C (-13 0 F to 122 0 F) Storage: -40 0 C to 70 0 C (-40 0 F to 158 0 F) Humidity (operating & Storage): Up to 95% RH, non- condensing at 50 0 C (122 0 F) Shock, Vibration: 18 shocks (3 shocks x 3 axes x 2 directions) to mounting surface at 3500 G (pulse peak) for 0.4 ms (full puse width) at 23 0 C with at least 90% confidence of 95% reliability MECHANICAL Dimensions(Lx W x H): 16.15mm x 23.5mm x 6.8mm Weight: 3 grams Standard Range – Typical (200 lux) - - - - - - Standard Range – Guaranteed (200 lux) Note 1: Minimum distance depends on the length of the barcode Note 2: Typical wide to narrow elemental ratio is 3:1. Minimum 100 mil code height of 3” KEY FEATURES: Dual lens design for simultaneous close and far image capture, enables innovative new applications such as scene validation No moving parts for near-instantaneous autofocus and the snappiest performance in its class Reads barcodes from 5-6 cm to 10 meters* Smallest and lightest long-range scanner enables long- range scanning in small devices Enhanced performance range enabling improved ergonomics for end users Enables standardization on single device to meet the needs of multiple workflows The FlexRange™ (6803FR) is Honeywell’s 8 th generation, breakthrough imaging platform. It’s the optimal choice for workers who need to scan a wide variety of ranges with a single device. From a few inches to the top of the pallet rack, it enables virtually every use case in a single, compact, lightweight device that doesn’t compromise range, ergonomics or speed. * Performance depends on ambient light levels and barcode size and encoding

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