Compact Flash card compatibility with PX4, PF4, and PD42 printers

I’ve noticed that a significant number of CF cards purchased over the last few years don’t always work with Intermec printers. This seems to be a recent problem, it may be due to poor quality manufacturing or counterfeit chips.

CF cards are used to upgrade firmware or to provide the printer additional storage space, they’re very useful. The printers have a size limit for CF cards of 2 GB; you should use the smallest one that will do the job, smaller cards work faster.

If you come across a CF card that doesn’t work you can try to fix it by formatting the card¬† inside the printer.

Put the CF card into the printer and use a Telnet program (HyperTerm, Putty, etc.) and connect to the printer’s IP address on port 9100. Note that this procedure only works when the printer is in Direct Protocol or Fingerprint. If you’re running IPL you’ll need to temporarily run one of these.

Once connected type VERBON and press enter. You should see an OK prompt from the printer. Next, use the FILES command to list any files on the CF card:

Note that the CF card is named “card1:” and must be enclosed in quotes.

First, try to format the CF card using the standard FORMAT command:

FORMAT “card1:”

This will only take a few seconds and it will erase any data on the CF card.

Copy a file from the C: drive to the CF card to test if it’s now usable:


If that doesn’t work, try a low level format command:

FORMAT “card1:”,A

This takes a minute and a half on a 64 MB card; longer with bigger cards. Now try copying a file over. It that doesn’t work do another low level format while changing the sector size:

FORMAT “card1:”,500,256,A

Note that this changes the default sector size from 512 bytes to 256 and increases the number of files that can be stored on the card from 208, the default value, to 500.  This is useful if you are storing a lot of small files on the card.

If the low level format doesn’t work, buy another CF card. I find that I’ve had the best luck with San Disk cards.