PM43 fonts vs PM4i

I was at a customer site replacing some old Intermec PM4i printers with the PM43s and ran into a font issue. Here’s the bottom part of their label printed on a PM4i printer:

And this is what printed on the PM43:

The character size is looks about the same, but the kerning (spacing between characters) is different, it’s most obvious when you look at the numbers 716 in the drawing number. The result was that the drawing number field ran into the order number field. The solution to this was to turn on legacy mode. This isn’t the old legacy mode which enabled the old Bitstream fonts that were included with some older Intermec printers, but it does substitute fonts (font aliasing) to overcome some of these issues. I enabled legacy mode from the front panel menu under Settings, (down arrow to display the next selection) Languages, IPL, Print Quality, then enabled Legacy Mode. The PM43 then printed this:

I have to give credit to the Honeywell software guys who implemented this feature.