Replacement vehicle dock power supply for 203-808-001

I have a customer that has been using powered CK3 vehicle docks on their fork trucks for a number of years and they needed another power supply, part number 208-808-001,  for a new fork truck. I found out that Honeywell had phased out this part, though not the vehicle dock itself. I called tech support and the parts department and was told that there is no replacement for this power supply. This part is used for both the CK3 and CK75 powered vehicle docks.

However, Honeywell still sells a vehicle power supply for the CV61, part number 203-779-001. I called tech support and found that it uses the same DC/DC converter as the CK3 kit, 851-070-003, but it has different output cables. The CK3K kit looks like this:

There’s an input cable on the top left, an output cable on the top right, and some mounting hardware, an in line fuse, etc. in the two bags. The power supply itself has one four pin input connector and two outputs, a two and three pin connector:

The output cables for the CV61 are different than the vehicle docks. But, if you purchase part # 226-341-007, a three pin to three pin power output cable, along with the CV61 power supply, 203-779-001, you’ll have what you need to hook up your CK3 or CK75 vehicle dock.