How to connect a Honeywell 6870 Ring Scanner to a Desktop PC

Most desktop PCs do not come with Bluetooth installed, so the first thing you need is a USB Bluetooth dongle. I used this one from Amazon. Plug this into your Windows 10 PC and the OS should automatically install the proper drivers. I got a message on one PC saying that the software didn’t install correctly, but Device Manager said it was working properly, so I ignored it.

Expand the hidden icons on your Taskbar:

Right click on the Bluetooth icon and select Add a Bluetooth Device:

The Settings screen will appear. Click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”

Choose the first option; the scanner will show up as an HID, or keyboard device. Wait for the 8670 to show up in the device list. This may take a few minutes.

Click on the text and the scanner should connect and the blue LED should light up. Windows will display this message:

Open Notepad and scan a bar code, it should appear. Refer to the user’s manual for any additional settings.