CK65 Enter Key does not work in Honeywell Launcher

When you start Honeywell’s Launcher application it automatically changes the pop up keyboard type (SIP) to the Honeywell Enhanced keyboard and it disables all other keyboard choices.

If you start Chrome within Launcher you’ll notice that the Enter key on the CK65’s physical keyboard doesn’t work. You can enable Gboard when you’re in Chrome which fixes the issue but it will occur again when the CK65 reboots or Launcher is restarted.

To get around this you have to modify the Launcher XML configuration file. To do this, click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of Launcher and select Export Configuration.

Exit Launcher and turn on Provisioning Mode within Honeywell settings then put the CK65 in a dock connected to a PC with a USB cable. Enable File Transfer by swiping down from the top of the screen.  Scroll down the notification list and  tap on the last item on the list to enable File Transfer. On your PC you should see a file named Honeywell Launcher.xml in the Honeywell folder on the CK65.

Copy this file to your desktop and use Notepad to edit this entry:

<Key name=”key_gboard_mode” desc=”Keep Gboard option in Soft keyboard” flags=”16″>false</Key>

Change the value from “false” to “true” then copy the XML file back to the CK65’s folder \honeywell\persist.

Reboot the CK65 and start Launcher. You will now see Gboard as an available SIP choice. Enable it the enter key will begin working. Android will remember your keyboard choice so this change will persist through reboots.