Setting a CK65 back to factory default

Here’s the procedure to set a CK65 back to the initial shipping from factory state.

Restart the CK65 by holding down the power button and selecting Restart from the pop up menu.

When the Honeywell splash screen appears, press and hold the green button and hold down the power button. Release these keys when the Restart Boot Loader screen appears.

Press the green button until the Full Factory Reset screen appears, then press the power button.

The CK65 will erase all data and do a Factory Reset.

Honeywell CK65 RF settings

Any RF settings other than the typical set up of SSID and security are not so easy to find on the CK65. Here are two configuration locations for Android 10:

Go to Settings, Network & Internet, and tap on the SSID you are currently using. A sprocket icon will appear to the right of your network name, tap on it. Now tap on the pencil icon at the top of the screen. You’ll be prompted to enter the password and the SIP keyboard will pop up. Minimize the SIP keyboard and you’ll be able to scroll down and change from DHCP to a static IP number.  If these are not visible, tap on Advanced Options. Restart the CK65 after you’ve switched from DHCP to Static, or vice versa.

To get to the Honeywell Proprietary RF settings go to Settings, Location, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning, and turn W-Fi scanning off. Next, go to Settings, Network & Internet, and toggle off  the Wi-Fi switch to the right of your SSID name. Tap on Wi-Fi (which should now be off) then Wi-Fi preferences, Advanced, scroll down and tap on Honeywell Proprietary Settings. You can now modify these settings as needed.