Can’t default Honeywell Xenon or Voyager scanner

Honeywell has changed the factory default bar code for the Xenon and Voyager lines of scanners. I don’t know when this happened, but the current manual (as of February 2022) has the old default code and doesn’t work with recent firmware releases.

Why they didn’t make this backwardly compatible is anybody’s guess.

The default bar code in the quick start guide works, so you can use that, but if you want to generate your own using Bartender, follow these instructions.

Create a Code 128 Symbol on your label and right click on it to bring up Properties.

Edit the Data Source and enter the characters Tilde (hex 126) followed by the text “DEFALT” followed by a period (hex 46)  followed by a Caret (hex 94) and the number 3.

These last two characters will generate a Code 128 Function 3, which indicates to a scanner that this is a configuration bar code.

Your printed code should look like this: