Enterprise Browser License Error Message

One of our customers purchased a number of CT60s and licenses for ICP (Intermec Client Pack), which consists of Launcher, Terminal Emulation, and Enterprise Browser. The license is perpetual, but the software maintenance that comes with the initial purchase expires after a year.

Without maintenance, you are not eligible for software upgrades or support, but the software itself will still function. Our customer’s CT60s began displaying this error message a year after purchase:

Needless to say, this message caused some concern. We purchased a one month maintenance license (part # DCP-SFT1M) for each device to ensure that they continued to work and applied them to all of their CT60s except for one.

Once the expiration date went by, the warning messages disappeared, even on the one device that we left untouched. The software continued to work.

Our conclusion was the the license error messages were incorrect.