Determining Honeywell Maintenance Release numbers

If you use Honeywell’s Enterprise provisioner, their configuration tool, you need to use the settings file that matches the Android version and maintenance release number of the device you are using.

These settings files can be downloaded from the Honeywell software download site ( under Software and Tools, Device Management, Enterprise Provisioner, Provisioning Bundles.

A typical description of a bundle is: “EP Bundle to be used with Android 11 MR 04 Mobility Edge Devices”.

It’s easy enough to find out the version of Android in Settings, About, but where is the Maintenance Release number?

If you scroll to the bottom of the About screen you’ll see that the last entry is a Build number; for example 94.00.03 (0037).

The MR number is the last two number after the last period. In this case it’s MR3. Scroll down the file listing of provisioning bundles and you’ll see a file named HON660Settings_93-94.00.03.exe with a description of “EP Bundles to be used with Android 12 MR 03 Mobility Edge devices”.

Download this file and run it.  Start (or restart) Enterprise Provisioner and you can now select that setting file from the drop down list: