Speeding up batch printing on an Intermec PM43

We recently wrote a Fingerprint application for a large snack food manufacturer. The application prompts the user for the item number they want to print and the number of labels. After printing a sample label for approval, the program prints the requested quantity. There are four different label formats, and the data for the label is retreived from a .CSV look up file.

We issue a “PRINT FEED” command for each label; the labels are serialized so each one is unique.

Here’s a video of the labels printing:   Video

Notice that the printer pauses after each label. On our next release we implemented the command “OPTIMIZE “BATCH” ON” with each of the label formats. According to the manual, this command means that “The program execution will not wait for the printing of the label to be completed, but proceeds executing next label image into the other of the two image buffers as soon as possible.”

The effect was to greatly speed up label printing: Video_1