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Duratherm™ Labels & Tags Honeywell’s Duratherm portfolio of printer labels and tags represents an assortment of products that match performance to specific application needs, providing the right product for the job every time. Duratherm products offer high-quality, cost-effective printing with various levels of durability, from uncoated paper to top-coated synthetic labels. Without the need for ribbon changeover, Duratherm products require less operator intervention and training. They are ideal for indoor applications where temperatures do not exceed 140°F (60°C). The Honeywell Media Advantage: Better Together Co-engineered printers and media ensure consistent print quality and performance. Thermal transfer printability allows on-demand generation of durable labels, eliminating the high cost and inventory obsolescence associated with preprinting. When Honeywell media is used exclusively with Honeywell printers, the Free Printhead Replacement Program offers significant cost savings. FEATURES & BENEFITS Duratherm labels and tags are easy to use and do not require a ribbon to print. Ideal for indoor labeling applications where temperatures do not exceed 140°F (60°C). Available products range from an economical paper label to high-performance synthetic labels. Product performance can be matched to your specific application needs, whether it is general labeling or high-speed sortation systems. Duratherm products are coated with a heat-sensitive layer that is imaged through direct contact with the printhead, resulting in a pattern of block dots forming text, barcodes or graphics. From uncoated paper to high-performance synthetic labels, there is a Duratherm product to meet any application need.

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility 9680 Old Bailes Road Fort Mill, SC 29707 800-582-4263 Duratherm-DS Rev B 06/15 © 2015 Honeywell International Inc. Duratherm is a trademark or registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. DURATHERM TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MEDIA CLASS DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS NOTES Duratherm Receipt Duratherm Receipt is a direct thermal paper that provides excellent print quality. Well-suited for most general receipt applications, most notably for use in portable thermal printers. Product is available in both general purpose and top-coated configurations. Duratherm II Label A general purpose direct thermal paper label that delivers high-quality, cost-effective printing. Duratherm II is recommended for most general use applications where exposure to chemicals and moisture is not anticipated. Duratherm III Label Duratherm III is a top-coated direct thermal paper label that delivers high-quality printing and enhanced durability. Duratherm III is recommended for applications where high humidity, moisture contact and surface abrasion are concerns. Duratherm III NIR Label Duratherm III NIR is a premium direct thermal paper label engineered to deliver high-contrast images and enhanced durability. Duratherm III NIR is targeted for use in applications with challenging barcode scanning requirements and is well-suited for high-speed sortation applications. Duratherm III NIR is the product of choice for large overnight delivery applications. Duratherm III IR Label Duratherm III IR is a top-coated paper label that provides sharp text and barcode printing. This material can be scanned with either a visible light or infrared scanning device. Duratherm III IR is recommended for use in direct thermal applications where surface contamination is a concern for barcode scanning (e.g., healthcare). Duratherm III Synthetic Duratherm III Synthetic is a top- coated polyolefin label that provides excellent print quality and enhanced durability over paper products. Duratherm III Synthetic is recommended for use in wet environments where chemical contact is not a concern. Duratherm II Tag Duratherm II Tag is a general purpose paper tag providing high-quality, cost-effective printing. Duratherm II Tag is recommended for applications where labeling is not suitable. This product resists curling, even in high- humidity environments. Duratherm III Tag Duratherm III Tag is a top-coated direct thermal paper tag that delivers high-quality printing and enhanced durability. Duratherm III Tag is recommended for applications where labeling is not suitable and when additional durability is required. This product resists curling, even in high-humidity environments.
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