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PC42 4" Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

The PC42 is a very inexpensive desktop printer priced at $350, allowing you to deploy printers where it wasn’t cost-effective before. It’s a direct thermal printer that comes with serial, Ethernet, and USB ports. It has a 200 dpi 4-inch wide printhead, and runs Direct Protocol, ZSIM (ZPL interpreter) and DSIM (DPL interpreter). The printer defaults to DHCP, which makes configuration simple and easy.

CN75/CN75e Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

The CN75 has the form factor and uses the same accessories as the highly successful CN70, but it’s now available in both Android and Windows Mobile 6.5. You can upgrade from Windows Mobile to Android in the future, protecting your investment. It still uses the EA30 scan engine (My Favorite Scanner) and offers a QWERTY alphanumeric keypad. It has a faster processor (dual core 1.5 GHz), more RAM, more storage, and an improved 802.11 radio. WAN radios and GPS are options too.

CK75 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

Like the CN75, the CK75 can run either Windows Mobile 6.5 or Android. Windows Mobile devices can be upgraded to Android for future OS requirements. The EX25 near and long range 2D scanner will read out to 50 feet, and an arm’s length 2D scanner is also available. The CK75 shares batteries, chargers, and accessories with the CK70 series. It also features a new cold storage option which allows the CK75 to operate at -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

8680i Smart Wearable

The 8680 wearable scanner features a small display that allows a user to follow prompts through a picking application. Honeywell showed this unit at a recent trade show when they mounted it to the back of a glove, rather than on the first two fingers. In this demo, the scanner was triggered by touching the index finger and thumb together. Future updates to the 8680 may allow WiFi radio instead of Bluetooth, which will allow it to operate as a standalone device.

Granit 1920 Industrial DPM Area-Imaging Scanner

This scanner seems to perform best in niche applications. A customer sent in some Datamatrix samples that were laser etched onto a medical device, and the 1920 read them better than any of the DPM scanners that were tested, including a top-of-the-line scanner that sells for $2500. It may not compete as strongly in regular applications, but it can outperform other scanners when reading laser etched barcodes.

Dolphin CN80 Mobile Computer

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This product is not available for shipping yet, so Accurate Data hasn’t had a chance to experiment. However, this unit features both a big display and a keyboard, which is a nice combination. It runs solely on Android. Future updates may include a family of products based on the same architecture, which is nice for developers.

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