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PX940 Industrial Printer with built in verifer

The PX940 is the first Honeywell printer to offer built in ISO verification. Ideal for companies that require high quality bar codes, the verifier will also grade Datamatrix 2D codes. It has a built in rewinder and offers resolutions of 200, 300, and 600 dots per inch. This printer produces the best quality symbols that we have ever seen out of a thermal printer.

CK65 Handheld Computer

The is part of the Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform, guranteed to run Android through version R and support security upgrades through 2025. Available with a numeric or alphanumeric keypad, stadard range or long range 2D scanner, it is backwardly compatible with CK3X accessories.

Thor VM1A Android Vechicle Mount Computer

The VM1A is an update to the VM1 and CV41 vehicle mount computers and uses Android as its operating system. Built on Honeywell's Mobility Edge platform, it's compatible with future Android releases up to version R. It shares the same peripherals as the VM1 and CV41 and offers a user replaceable front plate for easy maintenance.

8680i Smart Wearable

The 8680i wearable scanner features a small display that allows a user to follow prompts through a picking application. The 8680i can be attached to a glove and used as a hands free scanner. The 8680i radio supports both Bluetooth (Basic) and 802.11 WiFi(Advances). The advanced scanner can use Honeywell’s SDK to connect it to an application that can receive data from the scanner and manage its screen. Our first impressions are here.

IH21 Handheld UHF RFID Reader

The IH21 adds RFID reading to your CT40, CT50, CT60, or EDA50 computer. The IH21 reads and writes EPC Class 1 Gen 2 tags out to 20 and 10 feet, respectively. The connection to the computer can be made via Bluetooth or USB and the IH21 and computer can both be charged at the same time when docked in the IH21 charge base.
The IH21 uses a circular polarity antenna.

Xenon 1950 Scanner

The next generation of the popular Xenon scanner line, the 1950 is available with standard or high density optics. The 1950 reads poorly printed or damaged bar codes with a 6 foot drop spec. Wireless and battery free options are coming soon.

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